Do you know of any places in Kanto where you can enjoy Hanami during GW holidays?


The cherry blossoms look like a photo frame, so cute!


Cherry trees are scattered along the lakeside, and it is fun to look for picturesque compositions such as cherry blossoms and mountains, or cherry blossoms and a lake :)


Oyama-zakura cherry blossoms and snow-capped mountains

Spring is a season of many new encounters, such as entrance and initiation ceremonies.
Cherry blossoms have long been loved by Japanese people not only for their lovely pale pink appearance, but also as a flower that appears in memories with family and friends.

When we Japanese see cherry blossoms, we think like, Okay! Cherry blossom viewing!
That's Japanese people's nature, don't you think?

The blooming date of Someiyoshino cherry trees in Tokyo in 2022 is March 20.
It takes about one week to 10 days after the bloom date for the trees to be in full bloom.

This year, the blooming seems to have been delayed by about a week, but most people probably feel that way until approximately late March or early April, which is usually the best time to view cherry blossoms.
(As for the cherry blossoms around shrines and temples area this year, they also bloomed late but were at their best from early to mid-April, as usual.)

So, after mid-April, some people living in the Kanto area may think that the cherry blossom season is over and all we can do now is wait for summer...

But wait a minute! There is a place in Nikko where you can enjoy cherry blossom viewing during GW holidays!

It is here, in Oku-Nikko.

Someiyoshino is probably the most famous cherry tree often seen in town, but at the altitude of Oku-Nikko, Oyama-zakura is the most common variety.
While Someiyoshino cherry trees have green leaves after their flowers fall, Ooyama-zakura cherry trees have flowers and red leaves that appear at the same time and bloom later in the season.

Although it is not well known, the Ooyama-zakura cherry trees in Oku-Nikko are usually at their best around GW holidays every year. So it would be a perfect place for those who still want to enjoy cherry blossoms!
It is fun to enjoy viewing cherry blossoms in the city, but it is also enjoyable to admire cherry blossoms in the magnificent nature and to take pictures of various compositions.

Please come to Oku-Nikko to see the last cherry blossoms in 2022 ;)